"Novi(media)grad / Citta(media)nova"
City Permutations

"per(mutations)" Symposium, Part II

30. August - 2. September 2007

ORGANIZATION: Jerica Ziherl, Museum Lapidariun and Galerija RIGO Novigrad / Citta Nova; (HR); Niksa Gligo, University of Zagreb, Music Academy (HR), Ingeborg Fülepp / Heiko Daxl, www.mediainmotion.de (HR/D)

ASSISTANCE: Ivan Blaskovic, Ljiljana Kostic

PARTICIPANTS: Anna Anders, (D), Iva-Matija Bitanga, (HR), Djanino Bozic (HR), Tomislav Brajnovic (HR), Vlatko Ceric, (HR), Roberto Cimador (HR), Heiko Daxl (D), Peter Tomas Dobrila (SLO), Alen Floricic, (HR), Branko Francesci (HR), Ingeborg Fülepp (HR/D), Niksa Gligo (HR), Marko Kosnik, (SLO), Rolf Külz-Mackenzie (D), Antal Lux, (D/H), Don Ritter, (CAN), Goran Skofic (HR), Michaela Strumberger (A)




Photos and daily press reports in "Glas Istre" by Kristine Flegar

This Media-Scape continues wit the workshop held last year based on the theme of "per(mutations)", by expanding its scope onto the field of the city architecture. Novigrad-Cittanova, a small but old town in Istria, will serve as a good example for discussions about and the production of art works (photos, videos, multimedia image and sound installations, performances) that examine the influences of new architectonic developments in the old city centre. These works of art will aim to confront such developments with the critical points of view of the artists.

Media-Scape newly opened in the space of Museum Lapidarium and continues to show art works produced in the same year by Media-Scape artists in the Rigo Gallery. The projects that emerge are on display during the five days of Media-Scape or later in the course of the year.