"Novi(media)grad / Citta(media)nova"
City Permutations

"per(mutations)" Symposium, Part III

Beyond Horizon

29. August - 1. September 2008

ORGANIZATION: Jerica Ziherl, Museum Lapidariun and Galerija RIGO Novigrad / Citta Nova; (HR); Niksa Gligo, University of Zagreb, Music Academy (HR), Ingeborg Fülepp / Heiko Daxl www.mediainmotion.de (HR/D)


ASSISTANCE: Ivan Blaskovic, Ljiljana Kostic

PARTICIPANTS: Anna Anders (D), Ursula Berlot (SLO), Djanino Bozic (HR), Marko Ciciliani (D/NL), Roberto Cimador (HR), Heiko Daxl (D), Peter-Tomas Dobrila (SLO), Ivana Franke (HR), Ingeborg Fülepp (HR/D), Joanna Hoffmann (PL), Susanne Kienbaum (D), Marko Kosnik, (SLO), Don Ritter (CAN), Goran Skofic (HR), Dejan Stifanic (HR), Michaela Strumberger (A), Branka Uzur (AU / HR), Mirjana Vodopija (HR)


Photo Movie


Video Documentation

While the city or the urban area is regarded as the area of development, fast progress, and in addition the absent-minded, superficial and disconcentrated perception, the area of the "landscape" is in contrast the place of peace, collection and leisure. In the countryside outside the city the perception of space and time win other values.The landscape encourages for curving: the view, the hearing, the smell and the thoughts win perspective, which the area of the landscape opens. This leads also to a slowing down and a sensory perception, to a concentration, which is another as those of the city.The area outside of the city or outside of the life sphere of humans generally is not characterized by civilization, but by natural conditions: Apparently ordinary: the brook, the tree, the meadow appear in new light, the murmuring water, the noise of the wind kidnap urban humans into another reality. In the countryside there is still a horizon. Here prevails a liberty of view over the restricted city view. The city has structure, pictogram forests, a silhouette perhaps, but no horizon. In the landscape however the horizon is always there and lures into the distance. The horizon is everywhere, has 360° and more.  Novigrad is a town, but circled by an immense countryside and great perspectives of the Adriatic Sea.The connection of this reality with the possibilities of current art work, the bridging between nature and civilization and between technology and art is the starting point of  Media-Scape 2008.

Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Region of Istria-office for education, culture and sport City of Novigrad
Media Scape Novigrad is part of the collaborative project X-OP: eXchange of art Operators and Producers. Project is partly funded by the European Commission, DG Education and Culture, Culture Programme