Petar Tomas-Dobrila


Marko Kosnik and Petar Tomas-Dobrila


Born in Maribor, Slovenija, in 1963
B. SC. (univ. dipl. ing. electrotechnics - computers)
1988 – Graduated in Decomposing the programme graphs and started working on the Master Degree.
1998 – Finished General Management Program at IEDC (International Executive Development Center) in Brdo.
2007 – Finishing master degree in Informatics on Creative use of new technologies.
1996 Co-established the Multimedia Centre KiberSRCeLab – KIBLA (MMC KIBLA), Maribor.
1998 Co-established Association for Culture and Education KIBLA (ACE KIBLA) and became the President of ACE KIBLA.
1996 – 2004 Managing the MMC KIBLA and ACE KIBLA, involved in different projects.
2001 – Member of the General Jury Europrix, the leading European championship in e-content and became a fellow member of European Academy for Digital Media (EADIM).
2002 – Participating on the European Multimedia Associations Convention (EMMAC) on Milia 2002 in Cannes, and on the World Summit on Internet and Multimedia in Montreux.
2003 KIBLA become partner for the 1st World Summit on the Information Society Awards (December 2003 – Geneva, 2005 – Tunisia). Attend the WSIS in Geneva.
2004 – Invited by the People's Network initiative participated on the 1st conference A Soul for Europe in november in Berlin, which is the European summit on culture.
2005 – Invited to become an adviser of the Ars electronica festival. After the invitation contributes at the UNESCO conference about Information Society in St. Petersburg. Actively participated in EVA (Electronic Imaging, the Visual Arts & Beyond) and Echolot Conference in Moscow.
2005 – In November attends 2nd World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis.
2006 – In spring becomes a member of the Expert Commission for Intermedia Arts at the Ministry of Culture and in autumn a member of the Working group of the Ministry of Culture for inclusion of culture to the information society.
2006 – In October KIBLA got a public order from Municipality of Maribor to make a candidature application for the European Capital of Culture 2012 and in parallel to constitute the Local programme for culture 2007-2011.
2006 – In november invited to the 2nd Dresdner Future Forum in Germany.
2006 – As a member of People's Network initiative participates on the European Summit about culture, 2nd A Soul for Europe conference in Berlin.
2007 – Becomes a member ot the Committee for the preparation of the National programme for culture..