Zagreb November 1998

@home 21.11.-28.11.1998

Musej Suvremene Umjetnosti, Zagreb / Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb



The spatial situation of the museum of comtemporary art in zagreb - actually build as a residence, which is still preserved in the groundplan - is been taken as the topic for the exhibition @home (read as: at home).

The invasion of the electronic and digital culture into daily life is almost as old the the century. Telegraf, telephone, radio and television brought us the sights and the sounds of the world into our houses: barcode, pin.number, electronic cash, microprocessor controlled household devices, digital commmunication tools are the latest developments for everyday use. Everything gets linked with everything, everything becomes media (in between) and our flats and appartments are turning into tele-habitations, but where is the home, where are we @home ?

In the exhibition artists will "furnish" the rooms of the museum as an electronic living and working space, reflecting on artistical, spatial, technical and philosophical formulations.

Friederike Anders Heiko Daxl
Heiko Daxl /Mona Mur Rudolf Frieling / Dieter Daniels
Ingeborg Fülepp Ingeborg Fülepp
Franz John Andreja Kuluncic
Rivka Rinn Perpetuum Mobile
Ilse Ruppert Günther Petzold


The syposium and public discussions will present in lectures and poster session the theoretical implications of the topic.

Daily video-programmes and CD-Rom presentations.

Media-Scape will also open its home-base as a working-space in the web.


Selected web-sites for @home entertainment

A CD-Rom with interviews, videos, sounds and texts as a documentation/archive of the previous years of Media-Scape is in preparation.