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"CORPUS", video installation 2008


Technique: Video / PAL Size: 11 videos for video installation 2008
In the video installation consisting of ten video recordings, Goran Skofic treats his own body. Each video shows a multiplied figure of the author who in repeating rhythm performs just one action (workout in the gym, running, applauding in a concert hall…). In this way he realizes Baudrillard’s theoretical assumption of the simulacrum, enabled because of the possibility of electronic image’s mediation. He deconstructs the body into a naked “corpus” as he titled his work, liberating it of humanization, of bodily weaknesses like fatigue or mistake. Škofi?’s character acts in the rhythm of incessantly repeating movements and has no foothold either in the original or the truth.

Born 1979 in Pula, Croatia. Lives and works in Porec and Zagreb, Croatia. Studied visual comunications in electronic media at the Art Academy in Split. Graduated in video art in 2006. Skofic is working as a video artist, experimental film maker, photographer, music video director and designer. His work is focused on insecurities of contemporary life. Since 2002, he has worked on various projects, such as gallery video installations, theatre screen projections, music videos, TV-Jingles, movie festival trailers and others. Skofic has also exhibited and screened his works on numerous solo and group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad.