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"Tiho/Quietly", 2001

"Tiho/Quietly" consist hardware and 6 light bulbs which are reacting on sound. This work was shown at: “Synthetic Times” N.A.M.O.C: Peking, Club Transmediale Berlin, Courtauld Institute of Art, London, Palais Harrach i Art Lab Vienna, Kibla Maribor, FILE 09 Sao Paulo, MSU Zagreb…

Magdalena Pederin is media artist and researcher in the field of interctive light installations. In 1998 she produced the project „eye hears, ear sees“ ("oko cuje, uho vidi"). Thise are a series of LED displays which react on the sound in space, following the movements of the visitors in the space. Quantity of sound produced by movements are transformed in the light spectacle.