Zagreb November 1997

Control, Shift, Escape

Musej Suvremene Umjetnosti, Zagreb / Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb


Exhibition Interviews


Media-Scape 5 took place again in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. The exhibition focussed on the problematic of the variety of perception through extended technical means. Artists such as Akiko Hada, Franz John, Marko Kosnik, Darko Fritz, Ina-Abutschenko-Matwejewa, Lawrence Wallen and others will present media objects, video installations, copy-art, photography, electronic graphics as well as Internet and CD-ROM projects.

In the symposium section artists and researchers explained their ideas, aesthetic and intentional backgrounds in an open discussion with the public.

Nov, 18th

18-20 Presentation: Multimedia Theatre, Christian Hübner, knowbotic research Presentation: Multimedia in Opera, Lawrence Wallen/Thea Brejzek

20-22 Screening: Video Art: Akiko Hada, Anna Saup, Franz John, Darko Fritz

Nov, 19th

18-20 Presentation: Multimedia Dance:Anna Saup/Helena Waldmann, Marko Kosnik, Media Recyclator,

Magdalena Pederin / Ivan Marusic Klif / Natasa Lusetic Performance and Technology

20-22 Screening: An Overview of the Biennal "Film + Arc" Graz, Introduction by Charlotte Pöchhacker

Nov, 20th

18 -20 Opening Exhibition MEDIA-SCAPE 5

Video / Computer installations and objects

Akiko Hada,

Franz John,

Lawrence Wallen,

Darko Fritz,


Heiko Daxl

Angela Zumpe, Heiko Daxl, Antal Lux, Betina Kuntsch/Manfred Hodapp, Lawrence Wallen (Video-graphics)

Nov, 21st

18-20 Presentation CD ROM Projects: Landscape Today - Electronic Landscape (diverse Artists), Vortex (diverse Artists), Berlin Connection (Eku Wand) a.o..

20 -22 Presentation/Lecture: Malcolm LeGrice A Non-linear Tradition - Experimental Film and Digital Cinema