Marko A. Kovačić - web

Sparks of Prometheus, 2014, sound-light object, Noicephone – noice machine

Large pieces of waste material form a construction, arranged as a light and sound object. The assemblage of the recycled objects are used in order to support sound occurence, corresponding to the light (lamps) and so becoming a noise-producing machine. At the opening the author together with his two collaborators, musician Ervin Ritter and VJ Jernej Hlapec, will additionally upgrade the light component and synchronise the frequencies of their musical jam and machine producing sounds into an enchanced experience. The title evokes the story of Prometheus who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to people, here referring to the conflict between a authority and individuality, order and mind.

During the exhibition, visitors will be able by themselves to run sound of the object and see the recording of the performance at the opening.

Works on exploring and linking sculpture with installations, performance and video. His visual and sculptural practice is based on the ready-made aesthetic and stems from the propensity to collecting various objects, especially those that have in one way or another symbolically determined his time and space and are therefore somehow connected to his personal and broad collective history. Through these chosen objects, he recalls the memory of past experiences giving them new value and meaning. The content of his work suggest social involvement and communicate with reality in a grotesque manner.