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"Ytong" Maren Strack (http://maren-strack.de/)


The performance artist Maren Strack dances on a synthetically manufactured Ytong stone. Her dainty dance shoes come not only with high heels, but are supplied with martial-looking spikes. She dances and taps on the stone block in Flamenco-style with only seemingly delicate feet. Her immense strength passes through these feet into the stone. The observer‘s attention is not directed to the attractive total figure, as is convention, but rather to her feet, which in dance often do the most-overlooked core of work. Slowly the rock under her feet gives way in a raising up of dust, its surface crushed, its consistency pulverized. It finally explodes from the center outward as a result of the dramatic acceleration of always faster dancing, stamping and hammering feet. ( Screenshots from video documentation, camera Luka Kedzo)

Maren Strack: Born in Hamburg, is a sculptress, choreographer, dancer, and musician. She studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Munich. Parallel to this, she received flamenco instruction from Gonzales Reyes and was a longtime member of his company. During her studies, Strack began to work in connection with sculpture and movement/dance and developed kinetic installations and performances. In 1995, for her first full-length performance, she was awarded the promotion grant for theater/dance of the city of Munich. Since then she primarily develops solo pieces and installations, which have been shown internationally and honored with numerous awards, including the Special Prize for the Best German Solo Dance and the Autorenpreis des Jungen Theaters Bremen. She received scholarships at the “Künstlerinnenhof Die Höge”, (Bassum 2000), the Akademie Schloß Solitude, (Stuttgart 2001), and the Küns tlerhaus Lukas, (Ahrenshoop 2006).