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" Transformation IV - hidden structures“ Triptychon size 3 x (75 x 58,5)

The Triptychon series invokes the question to what extent humans in modern societies realize, implement and live their unity with nature. Every graphic can stand alone. But in the context of the Tryptychon, the hidden symbol of danger becomes recognizable and provokes an intensified perception of the viewers living space.

Dunja Donassy was born in Zagreb, Croatia, where she graduated in architecture and city planning.

In 1971 she founded the bcd  cybernetic art team, together with Vladimir Bonacic and Miro A. Cimerman. They spent several years in Jerusalem, where Dunja Donassy worked at the Art Academy and collaborated on the launch of the Jerusalem Programme in Art & Science. She moved from architecture to art and broadcast design. Since 1981 she has lived and worked in Siebengebirge near Bonn, Germany. She has worked on design of Computer Controlled Lighting Systems, Microcomputer Controlled Traffic Systems, and designed digitalized Arabic characters for use on computers. She also researched in the field of color topology and developed animated computer graphics for the German television (presenting socio-political surveys) as well as conceptions and designs for virtual exhibitions.

In her artworks (graphics, installations, sculptures) she has focused on the idea of balance between science, information technology and art.

The experience of living in completely different landscapes as well as impressions from different cultural environments stimulated her ideas for art objects. A constant awareness in her artistic work is the interweaving of technology with society and the related changes of living space and the way of living. Her priority is content and communication and not the technology itself.