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"Urania Rephaeus", Interactive Object 2001

Mixed media, monitor, mini-surveillance camera, computer-controlled, walkman, speakers, six preserved butterflies, copper coils, aluminium, steel, wood, plexiglass, light sensor

51, 5 x 76,5 37,5 cm As soon as the viewer is captured by the light sensor, the surveillance camera and the monitor are being switched on. He/she appears on the screen which is placed in eye-height. Simultaneously the walkman is being activated and nature sounds, such as bird song, can be heard.

Every twenty seconds eight tiny computer controlled hammers are pounding the exotic Urania-Rephaeus butterflies placed behind the plexiglass.

The work reflects upon society’s control and the impact of capitalism on Man and nature by new means of coding through science, functionalisation and manipulation. (Text: Manuela Lintl, Translation: Anita Tschern)

Costantino Ciervo was born 1961 in Napoli (IT), Lives in Berlin; 1975 - 1980 Secondary School - concentration in electronics
1980 - 1982 Studies for economics and politics at the University of Economics and Trade, Naples; 1993 Participation on the Biennale of Venice, Italy