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"Kaamos Trilogy", Video, life cinema faitytale, 2008


"Kaamos is a Finnish term for the polar night, the darkest period of the year in the north, when the light turns into shades of grey and the sun is a rare visitor. In Kaamos Trilogy, two women travel to a spring in the middle of the forest. The spring is known for magical healing powers that can cure blindness. On their return it becomes obvious that the way back home is not what it used to be. Kaamos Trilogy is a work which condenses its potential narrative thread within a few images that are constantly repeated and permutated within an expanded, hovering, time-frame. In a meditative, almost trance-like state, Mia Makela juxtaposes the narrative abstraction typical of music videos with digital pictorial practices, thereby developing a new poetic dimension of the realtime audiovisual field." (from Transmediale Catalogue 2011)

Mia Makela is Finnish video artist, investigator and curator. Works in the fields of real-time audiovisual performance, experimental video and documentary. Her visual language has a mystical dream-like narrative approach and has been described as a digital version of William Blake's poetry. She processes her material in real-time and performs in tandem with musicians. Makela, an innovator in the field of live cinema, has shown her work and lectured all over the globe.