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“'Works from the Cyclops Cycle
Original: 22 mins Colour 16mm., Six Screen and Performance; Media-Scape 2010: 15 Min. Loop 3 screen 16x9 video

"'Autumn Horizon“, view from the exhibition

"In my six-screen film After Leonardo (1974), an old crumpled, black and white detail reproduction of the Mona Lisa is attached, during the projection, to a blank white screen.

On the other screens are various filmed images of the same reproduction shot at difference distances and also images, a further refilming of the film from the screen. One interpretation of the juxtaposition of a real object (albeit a reproduction of a cultural icon) alongside its cinematic representation is that it highlights the reality of the cinematic in the context of an object we assume to be part of the real physical universe. By 'reflection' it reinforces a reading of the cinematic as similarly composed of physical substance and the product of material processes." Malcolm Le Grice, 'Mapping in Multi-space - Expanded Cinema to Virtuality', 1996, from Experimental Cinema in the Digital Age, p277.

Born in May 1940, Malcolm Le Grice started as a painter but began to make film and computer works in the mid 1960's. Since then he has shown regularly in Europe and the USA and his work has been screened in many international film festivals. He has also shown in major art exhibitions like the Paris Biennale No.8, Arte Inglese Oggi, Milan, Une Histoire du Cinema, Paris, Documenta 6, Kassel, X-Screen at the Museum of Modern Art, Vienna, and Behind the Facts at the Fondacion Joan Miro, Barcelona. His work has been screened at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Louvre Museum in Paris and the Tate Modern and Tate Britain in London and is in permanent collections including: the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; the Royal Belgian Film Archive, Brussels; the National Film Library of Australia, Canberra; German Cinamatheque Archive, Berlin; Canadian Distribution Centre, Montreal and Archives du Film Experimental D'Avignon. A number of longer films have been transmitted on British TV, including 'Finnegans Chin', 'Sketches for a Sensual Philosophy' and 'Chronos Fragmented'. His main work since the mid 1980’s is in video and digital media and includes the multi-projection video installation works 'The Cyclops Cycle' and ‘Treatise’.